of expandable polystyrene + polypropylene E and other particle foams


Fixin Agent

for Hein® Colourants for colouring EPS Raw Material

With reference to extensive tasts in order to improve the Hein® Coloring Process, we recommend the use of the following fixing agent


             }     CHOH= 2 – Propanol = Boiling point 88-89 ° C, VDZ 3,4

CAS-No. 67-63-0

EINECS-No. 200-661-7

EG-No. 603-003-00-0

The product is available at the chemical suppliers in nearly every country. When you order, please make reference to the CAS-No above.

The concentration of the isopropanol should be about 99%. The industrial quality will be good enough.


To colour:

1 ton of EPS raw material you need

1kg of Hein® Colourant and

4 liter of the fixing agent Isopropanol

Please process the colour and fixation agent according to the dosage and step description provided by the manufacturer.

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