of expandable polystyrene + polypropylene E and other particle foams

Color pallet

Hein-Colors (powder)

A method for self-colouring of the following products:

a.) Expandable polystyrene (EPS) raw material

b.) Expandable polystyrene copolymer

c .) Polypropylene E (EPP)

d.) Polyethylene E (EPE)

Possible fixer agent:  ISOPROPANOL CAS-No. 67-63-0

The concentration of isopropanol should be about 99%. For the intended use, isopropanol in industrial grade is sufficient.

Color palette

EPS-raw materialEPS-prefoamedHein-color powderItem numberEPPInquiry
Hein-Red / Standard Color070426
Hein-Yellow / Standard Color030426
Hein-Green / Standard Color040426
Hein-Blue / Standard Color010426
Hein-Black / Standard Color080220
Hein-Brown / Standard Color020220
Hein-Lime Green / special color050000
Hein-Olive / special color060000
Hein-Violet / special color070000
Hein-Orange / special color090511

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